Why Choose Us?
TEYAN semiconductor always put the customer‘s needs in the first place, to provide customers with customized complete sets of process and equipment solutions;Continuous improvement, continuous optimization of the company‘s products, and partners and employees together to grow, create and share value

With TEYAN's integrated process capabilities, we collaborate with clients to pioneer new processes.

Our modularly designed equipment provides flexibility to adapt to varied production requirements.

We provide one-to-one service from our application engineers, ensuring customer satisfaction and prompt responses

TEYAN's own semiconductor equipment is in mass production with top global IC manufacturers.

Custom Process Development

Adaptable Component Assistance

Reliable After-sales Service

Mass Production Proven

With the advantages of advanced packaging composite process experience, the company can also provide SIP and RFID product line output options, including production line planning, process planning and equipment selection; At the same time, we can cooperate with customers to develop and verify the new process
Advanced Package  Composite Processes

SiP & RFID production line with turn-key cooperation


Self-developed Equipment


The self-developed equipment of the company includes laser, plasma and sputter. The mechanical design, electrical design and software control system of the whole machine are all independently developed by the company, with independent intellectual property rights. The relevant equipment has reached the international technical level of similar equipment.


Laser Marking

Laser Cutting/Grooving

Laser De-flash

Laser Drilling(TSV/TMV)

Inline Plasma Clean

Wafer Plasma Clean(6/8/12)

Panel Plasma Etch


Inline Sputter

Batch Sputter

Cluster Sputter


Company Introduction


Shenzhen TEYAN Semiconductor Equipment Co., LTD. (TEYAN) was founded in 2017, mainly engaged in the Process & Equipment solution for the advanced package.

TEYAN self-developed equipment includes Laser series, Plasma series and Sputter series, which can be widely used in advanced package such as SiP, Fanout, Chiplet, 2.5D and 3D package. TEYAN equipment has reached the  first-class level.

With rich experience in composite process, TEYAN can also provide the whole Project for SiP production line, which includes production line planning, process route formulation and equipment selection. Furthermore, TEYAN hopes to cooperate with our customers in the innovation of new process  to provide better Process & Equipment service .

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