Company Introduction


Shenzhen TEYAN Semiconductor Equipment Co., LTD. (TEYAN) was founded in 2017, mainly engaged in the Process & Equipment solution for the advanced package.

TEYAN self-developed equipment includes Laser series, Plasma series and Sputter series, which can be widely used in advanced package such as SiP, Fanout, Chiplet, 2.5D and 3D package. TEYAN equipment has reached the  first-class level.

With rich experience in composite process, TEYAN can also provide the whole Project for SiP production line, which includes production line planning, process route formulation and equipment selection. Furthermore, TEYAN hopes to cooperate with our customers in the innovation of new process  to provide better Process & Equipment service .

Corporate culture——
Company positioning

Advanced package process and equipment integrator

Company vision

to become a world-class high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise

Company Values

Customer First, People-Centered, Continuous Improvement, Co-creation and Sharing

Low-temperature EMI vacuum magnetron sputter system for SiP chips.

This utility model discloses a vertical low-temperature EMI vacuum magnetron sputtering coating equipment for SiP chips. This design efficiently utilizes space, lowers equipment costs and power consumption, elevates product quality and production efficiency, and ensures more uniform coating to avoid temperature spikes during continuous coating.

In 2023,TEYAN won the honor of “SRDI Enterprise”(which means Specialized / Refinement / Differential / Innovation)

In 2021, TEYAN won the honor of "National high-tech Enterprise";

TEYAN attaches great importance to innovation. We have ISO9000 certification and a number of patents about equipment, technology, materials, automation that mainly field in system-in-package (SiP), Fanout, Sputter, Plasma and Laser.

Qualifications and Patens

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